Alkborough Cemetery

St John The Batist ChurchThe Parish Council has sole responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance and management of the closed graveyard at the St John the Baptist Church and the ‘new’ part of the existing cemetery (the ‘open’ cemetery) on Walcot Road. The ‘old’ part of the cemetery on Walcot Road (the ‘closed’ cemetery) is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council. The Parish Council manage the ongoing requirement for the cutting of the open cemetery and church graveyard grass and keeping the boundary areas tidy. This has to be done at a reasonable cost, within the provision of the parish precept. 

Alkborough Cemetery1The cemetery is situated in a very peaceful area with views over open countryside which allow for reflection and tranquillity.

The Parish Council also arranges the sale of burial and cremation plots and deals with correspondence and other matters with local funeral directors and members of the public. All memorials and inscriptions for grave and cremation plots must be approved by the Parish Council prior to their installation. Please see below the current Alkborough Cemetery Charges Price List (June 2020) and Alkborough Cemetery Regulations (Sept 2015)

Please ­­click here to see a copy of Alkborough Cemetery Charges  (June 2020)

Please ­­click here to see a copy of Alkborough Cemetery Regulations (Sept 2015)